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What Works? Student Retention and Success

For students and staff at UCPH.

  • How can we achieve that sense of belonging among students that is at the heart of successful retention?
  • What can the lecturers and other teaching staff do?
  • What does the institutional leadership that can support the sense of belonging look like?
  • What initiatives at what institutional levels appear to be successful in improving student retention and success?
  • How do we implement change to improve student retention and success?

On May 22, you will have the opportunity to hear about and discuss these and similar questions. On that day, Professor Liz Thomas will run a workshop on what works when it comes to improving student retention and success – and how to implement change.

Time: Monday, May 22, 9 – 13

Venue: Southern Campus, Karen Blixens Plads 8, 2300 København S Room 15A.0.13

Workshop will end at 12. The last hour will offer room for informal discussions over sandwiches.

Registration is closed.

About the "What works?" project

The workshop will be based on two projects that Liz Thomas has been leading in the UK. The first What Works? project (2008-2012) identified practices at higher-education institutions that were successful in making more students complete university and increase their learning outcomes.

During the second project, 13 higher-education institutions have worked to implement change based on the findings from the first project. The results and experiences from this project will be launched at a seminar in London in April.

At the seminar at UCPH, Liz Thomas will present some of the findings from the two projects and engaging the participants in activities to discuss how the UK experiences may inspire activities at UCPH.

The UK projects have included activities at the strategic level as well as on programme level. The workshop will be of relevance for teachers, managers student support functions as well as for students engaged in developing teaching and learning at the university.

Read more about Liz Thomas at: http://www.lizthomasassociates.co.uk/about.html

Read more about the What Works? programmes at https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/workstreams-research/themes/retention-and-success/widening-access-programmes-archive/what-works

The workshop is organised by the KUUPI project "A better first year at UCPH"