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Department of Science Education has a number of councils and committees that help ensure management consultancy, participation, dialogue and cooperation.

The Department Council

Members: Hanne Andersen (Chairman), Camilla Rump (vice-chairman, VIP), Helle Mathiasen (VIP), Bjørn Friis Johannsen (postdoc), Katrine Lindvig (PhD Student), Christine Holm (A-TAP), Nadja Nordmaj (TAP-secretary) and Jonas Niemann (student).

The Departmental Research Committee (DRC)

Members: Carl Winsløw (Chair, VILF and Chair of Didactics of Mathematics), Lars Ulriksen (University Science Education), Helle Mathiasen (Digital Media in Science Education), Marianne Achiam (Out-of-School Science Education), Jan Alexis Nielsen (Assessment and Development of Science Education), Ricardo Karam (Didactics of Physics), Henrik Kragh Sørensen (Science Studies).


The management of the department includes: Hanne Andersen (Head of Department), Carl Winsløw (Deputy Head of Department for Research), Lene Møller Madsen (Deputy Head of Department for Teaching), Sebastian Horst (Department Administrator / Project Management) and Christina Larsen (Department Secretary).

The Teaching Committee

Members: Lene Møller Madsen (VILU), Mikkel Willum Johansen, Nadja Nordmaj.

The Local Collaboration Committee (LSU)

Members: Hanne Andersen (chairman), Jan Alexis Nielsen (vice-chairman), Christine Holm, Christina Larsen and Sanne Schnell Nielsen.

The Healthy Workplace Committee

Members: Hanne Andersen, Marianne Achiam and Christina Larsen

PhD Coordinator

Claus Emmeche

IT Security, webmaster

Christine Holm