11. oktober 2013

Professorat inden for Sociology of Science Education

IND har et professorat inden for "Sociology of Science Education" ledigt til besættelse med ansøgningsfrist 23. oktober 2013. Nedenfor er et uddrag af opslaget. 

At the Department of Science Education, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, a position as Professor within the field of Sociology of Science Education with a particular emphasis on upper secondary and tertiary education, is open for appointment.

The position as professor in the sociology of science education has a particular emphasis on the student experience. The professor is expected to contribute to development of the Department´s research in science education at university and in upper-secondary school levels. In this research, the transition from upper-secondary school to university and the students´ experiences at the two institutional levels as well as in the transition process are of particular interest. The applicant will be expected to have knowledge and experience with research at both levels.

Applicants are required to have university level teaching experience, documented teaching competencies and must be able to explain and reflect upon own teaching practice and portfolio. We expect the applicants to document his or her teaching competence with a teaching portfolio, see kuur.ku.dk/paedagogik_og_didaktik/teaching_portfolio.

Formal pedagogical training or supervision equivalent to the University of Copenhagen teacher training programme for assistant professors is required in order to obtain a permanent position.

Duties include the applicant´s own research, development of the field, assessment tasks, grant applications, and research management such as supervision and training of research fellows and other staff. The successful applicant must also teach, supervise, prepare and participate in examinations, and fulfill other tasks requested by the Department.