Digital technology in Mathematics Education

DidMat-seminar with Paul Drijvers, Freudenthal Institute, Univ. of Utrecht


"Computers 'do not improve’ pupil results", says OECD was the header of a September 2015 BBC news item. Indeed, the results of an OECD 2015 study show negative correlations between mathematics performance and computer use in mathematics lessons and lead to conclude that there is little evidence for a positive effect on student achievement. This challenge the mathematics education research community to be clear about what is known about the effects of using digital technology in mathematics education on student performance. To address this issue, we will revisit some recent review studies, zoom in on one or two specific cases, and make a plea for methodologically rigorous (replication) studies grounded in theories on the learning of mathematics.

Paul Drijvers is a professor in mathematics education at Utrecht University’s Freudenthal Institute and a researcher at Cito. See more at

The visit of Prof. Drijvers to KU was organised by prof. Niels Grønbæk, IMF.