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Climate Change and Science Education

Henry Evans will be defending his Master’s project entitled Climate Change & Science Education on Friday, August 18 at 13:00-14:30 in Palaver Hall, Department of Science Education. The examination is in English, and all are welcome.

Supervisor: Marianne Achiam

Censor: Niels Vinther


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that planet Earth faces at present and in the future, with consequences being felt worldwide. 97% of climate scientists agree that the global climate is changing, with this change primarily being caused by humans. How we adapt to and mitigate climate change is an important issue discussed worldwide and one that requires a global population with excellent knowledge & understanding on climate science and a high climate literacy. Science education is a critically important aspect that will help to achieve this. This study aims to investigate climate literacy, by analysing the knowledge & opinions of students in different countries across the world, including topics such as common misconceptions and their sources of climate change information. A climate science lecture will be conducted to audiences, with pre and post surveys completed. From the presurvey data, particular students will then be picked for out further investigation after the lecture, to further understand their state of knowledge and founding opinions.