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Enacting inquiry based learning in mathematics through history


Mikkel Willum Johansen & Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen


We will discuss how history of mathematics can function as a means for enacting inquiry learning activities in mathematics as a scientific subject. We will address issues such as: what do we mean by inquiry based teaching in this respect? How can such learning environments be facilitated? How can they benefit students learning of and about mathematics? Different approaches for implementing such a learning environment will be presented and discussed: 1) problem oriented and student directed project work, and 2) a first version of a methodological approach for using original sources for the teaching and learning of and about mathematics and the significance of creating an inquiry-based reflective learning environment. The first approach will be illustrated with student projects from the mathematics education at Roskilde University, and the second approach with an analysis of a specific example from history of mathematics with respect to the role of cognitive artifacts in the production of mathematical knowledge.