Study and research paths for teacher education: some advances on teacher education in the paradigm of questioning the world


Berta Barquero, Associate Professor, University of Barcelona, and guest researcher at IND (Feb.-May 2019)

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Considering the general problem of moving toward the new paradigm of questioning the world (Chevallard, 2015) into current educational systems, this presentation focuses on the inevitable step of the professional development of teachers. Within the framework of the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic, this step has been approached using the study and research paths for teacher education (SRP-TE), an inquiry-based process combining practical and theoretical questioning of school mathematical activities. Two case studies of SRP-TE for pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers will be presented. Both courses start from the initial question of how to analyse, adapt and integrate a learning process related to mathematical modelling and how to sustain its long-term development. The results of these experiences show how the courses represent a valuable instrument to (1) enable teachers’ epistemological and didactic questioning, (2) the transposition of research tools to teaching practice and (3) help teachers progress in the critical issue of identifying institutional constraints hindering the integration of mathematical modelling in current school systems (Barquero, Bosch & Romo, 2018).


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