PhD defense: Japanese Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Knowledge

International case studies based on praxeological analysis

PhD defense

Doctoral Candidate:

Yukiko Asami-Johansson


The thesis describes and studies the Japanese mathematics teachers’ professional knowledge and its dissemination. This theme is investigated in several concrete situations: the knowledge of teaching practice of school mathematics taught in the teacher education, the relation between the educational goals described in the national curriculum and concrete teaching methods discussed among the Japanese lower secondary teachers in service. The thesis investigates also critical phenomena, which arise in an attempt to transfer the Japanese teaching practice in a different teaching context.

Assessment Committee:

Associate Professor Ricardo Karam (Chair, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen)

Professor Marianna Bosch Casabò (IQS School of Management, Universitat Ramon Llull)

Professor Takeshi Miyakawa (School of Education, Waseda University)


Professor Carl Winsløw (Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen)


Professor Iiris Attorps (University of Gävle, Sweden)

The thesis can be downloaded here.