Boards and committees

Department of Science Education has a number of councils and committees that help ensure management consultancy, participation, dialogue and cooperation.

The Departmental Research Committee (DRC)

Members: Henrik Kragh Sørensen (Chair, VILF, Science Studies), Carl Winsløw (Chair of Didactics of Mathematics), Lars Ulriksen (University Science Education), Helle Mathiasen (Digital Media in Science Education), Marianne Achiam (Out-of-School Science Education), Jan Alexis Nielsen (Assessment and Development of Science Education), Ricardo Karam (Didactics of Physics).


The management of the department includes: Hanne Andersen (Head of Department), Henrik Kragh Sørensen (Deputy Head of Department for Research, Head of Section), Marianne Achiam (Deputy Head of Department for Teaching), Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard (Head of Section) and Sebastian Horst (Department Administrator / Project Management).

The Teaching Committee

Members​: Marianne Achiam (VILU), Nadja Nordmaj (Programme Secretary), Tine Capion Nielsen (Academic administrative officer), Mikkel Willum Johansen (Associate professor), Axel Alejandro Andersen Arias (Student assistant)

The Local Collaboration Committee (LSU)

Members: Hanne Andersen (chairman), Christine Holm, Christina Larsen, Camilla Rump, Jonas Tarp Jørgensen and Sebastian Horst.

The Healthy Workplace Committee

Members: Hanne Andersen and Christina Larsen

PhD Coordinator

Carl Winsløw

IT Security, webmaster

Christine Holm