Writer Development

Learning outcome

Students will leave the course with a better understanding of themselves as writers, and with a toolbox to help them take control of their writing process and feedback needs.

One aim is to help the participants perceive the activities that come before, during and after the precise structuring of text as invaluable and legitimate parts of the writing process. In helping the participants to perceive of themselves as writers even when they are not actually putting words on paper, the course will also help the participants in structuring these other important activities much more efficiently.

Another component of the course is helping writers understand different types of feedback, and using this understanding to be able to recognize what type of feedback would be most useful for them at any point in the writing process.

It is not a course in grammar, although some tips on how to avoid typical mistakes are included. Rather, the course focuses on writers' understanding their own process of writing, and using that understanding to take control of the process, from beginning to end.











Statements from former course participants: 

This [course] really helped me understand and take charge of my writing process.

I got more done in a morning at the course than a week in my office.