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EARLI SIG 24: Researcher Education and Careers – University of Copenhagen

EARLI SIG 24: Researcher Education and Careers

Come join us at our 2018 meeting: 

Unpacking and exploring researcher communication: implications for inquiry into ECR experience

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
September 30 - October 2, 2018

Deadline for registration: June 15, 2018.

SIG 24 aims to promote research and theory development in the area of researcher education and careers, both academic and non-academic. This third SIG 24 meeting is designed to expand our collective understanding of research communication as a crucial part of work.

We begin with an optional writing retreat (September 29-30, 2018). This is open to all participants: a chance to write, dialogue, and read. Then, the SIG Meeting convenes late in the day on September 30 and the next two days are structured to provide opportunities to learn together.

On Day 1, the aim is to expand our knowledge on ECR education by exploring our knowledge of researcher communication. Also, implications for inquiry into ECR experience will be discussed. So, on the first day, a plenary precedes concurrent workshops, each of which focuses on empirical research about a particular researcher communication genre. You can choose two from this list: a) research funding proposals, b) textbooks, c) monograph thesis, d) peer review e) journal articles and f) professional writing. In each workshop, you will examine the genre from a range of ways, e.g., cutting edge and common issues, such as target audience, co-authorship, feedback and oral/written distinctions.

On Day 2, the aim is to both continue exploring the researcher communication in different ways, and focus on developing ECR education. The second day will be more action-oriented and project-minded to further the range and scope of the SIG’s work.

On the second day, after a plenary to assess our progress on Day 1, we will work in groups to produce useful resources to further research and practice in the field. After the plenary, you will choose an output group based on your interest; alternately, you could propose a new output and invite others to join:

  • Develop a funding proposal to explore research communication more deeply, including which funding organization to approach
  • Create a plan, including authors and journal, to approach for a special issue of a journal about research communication
  • Generate an online resource for ECR synthesizing what we know about research genres
  • Develop a plan to pilot ECR training as regards research communication
  • Plan an online SIG resource on research communication

To fully enjoy our time together, we will ask you to do some work beforehand:

  • Read 3 suggested articles for each of your two chosen workshops.
  • Write a short bio and exchange a short structured response to the readings for each workshop.


EARLI SIG members: 200 Euros
EARLI SIG JURE members: 50 Euros
Non-EARLI SIG members: 250 Euros