Seminar series on teaching and learning in the laboratory

IND is hosting a seminar series on laboratory education. The sessions will draw on knowledge from ongoing research at Department of Science Education and the latest international research in laboratory education. We encourage you to share your experience and visions for developing your pedagogical competences.   

Topics range from good feedback practices to higher-order cognition in the laboratory. Monthly sessions, from 12.30 until 14.00, facilitated by researchers from the department.

Place: Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik, Niels Bohr Bygningen, Rådmandsgade 64, 2200 København N

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Session 1: Teaching and learning in the lab (23 November 2022)
Session 2: Feedback practices in the lab (30 January 2023)
Session 3: Affective learning outcomes associated with experimental work (24 February 2023)
Session 4: Higher-order thinking skills in the lab (28 March 2023)