2 June 2016

History of Physics Professor visits IND

We are privileged to host Prof. Ricardo Lopes Coelho for a one-week (June 13-17, 2016) stay at IND. Prof. Coelho has been a ‘‘Professor Auxiliar’’ at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, since 1997, and a ‘‘Privatdozent’’ at the Technical University of Berlin, since 2001. He studied piano, philosophy and physics in Portugal, did his PhD at the TU-Berlin and his Habilitation in History and Philosophy of Exact Sciences at the same University. Among others, he published several articles concerning his main research interest, the understanding of scientific concepts and principles through its past and philosophy. He is the author of two books: Zur Konzeption der Kraft der Mechanik (On the Concept of Force in Mechanics) (2001) and O Conceito de Energia: Passado e Sentido (On the Concept of Energy: History and Meaning) (2006).

Prof. Coelho has dedicated particular attention to the educational implications of the history of physics, a major concern in our didactics of physics research group. During his stay, he will be primarily working with Ricardo Karam on collaborative projects and give seminars from his recent work (http://www.videnskabshistorisk.dk/abstracts/invit16-06b.html). We at IND warmly welcome Prof. Ricardo Coelho and wish him a pleasant stay in Copenhagen.

Prof. Coelho’s visit has been kindly sponsored by the Danish Network for Philosophy of Science.