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29 January 2018

Physics professor visits IND for two weeks

Professor Nelson Studart Filho, from the Brazilian universities UFSCar and UFABC, will visit IND from February 5 to 16, 2018. Prof. Studart is trained as a physicist and holds a PhD in condensed matter physics. Being a high school teacher in the beginning of his career, he is passionate about issues related to the teaching and learning of physics and has been an influential figure in the Brazilian Physics Education community. Among other things, he was the editor of Brazil´s most important journal of Physics Education (RBEF) and is the vice-coordinator of a nation-wide master program for high school physics teachers (MNEPF). He will be interacting with Ricardo Karam and the Didactics of Physics group to discuss topics of common interest, including a new way to teach quantum mechanics in high school without reference to classical ideas. Furthermore, he will interact with colleagues at NBI and NBA on other topics of his research.