28 October 2019

Analysis of mathematics textbooks based on praxeological reference models

Didactics of Mathematics

Dyana Wijayanti, a former PhD student at DSE, developed an original approach to analytical comparison of textbook contents.

Dyana Wijayanti completed her PhD in Didactics of Mathematics at DSE in 2017. Her thesis contains groundbreaking work on the analysis of mathematics textbooks based on praxeological reference models. The thesis (can be downloaded here) comprised a synthesis and five scientific papers. As is quite usual, given the reviewing procedure of serious scientific journals, some or even most of a thesis gets published after the PhD-thesis is defended. The present paper is the fourth to be published in international scientific journals of good standing, reflected in their inclusion in the Danish BFI list. This paper presents a praxeological analysis of how the theme of “similarity” is treated in seven major Indonesian text book systems, and compares the profile of their task inventory with the tasks used in the National Exam at the end of junior high school. Another major point of the paper is to give a striking demonstration of the author’s original approach to analytical comparison of textbook contents. The paper is a fine example of how international PhD-students at the department contribute to its scientific output, and at the same time acquire new methods and skills which will support their future research career, whether they continue to work abroad or return to their home country. Wijayanti currently holds a permanent position at the Department of mathematics education, Sultan Agung Islamic University, Semarang, Indonesia.


Wijayanti, D. (2019): Analysing textbook treatment of similarity in plane geometry. Annales de Didactique et des Sciences Cognitives 24, 107-132. https://mathinfo.unistra.fr/irem/publications/adsc/volumes/#c27342 (requires subscription)

A preliminary version of the paper can be read in Dyana Wijayanti’s PhD thesis: https://www.ind.ku.dk/begivenheder/2017/wijayanti/PhD_thesis_Dyana_Wijayanti.pdf