Science Identity, Culture and Space (SICS)

The research group in Science Identity, Culture and Space explores the ways in which participants’ engagement in science education is situated within the cultures and spaces they are part of.

The research group in Science Identity, Culture and Space explores how children, young people and young adults participation and engagement in science education are related to on the one hand their resources and experiences and on the other hand the specific cultural contexts and particular spaces of their participation, including the cultures of different science disciplines and ranging from primary school through higher education.

The research produced by the group centers on understanding how participants with various backgrounds and ideas of potential desired futures, various interests and values and engagement-patterns are offered the opportunity to see themselves in as well as being recognised within science cultures. In particular, the group aim at studying the cultural practices that means some children and young people can see themselves in relation to different science disciplines and that they are recognised by others as legitimate participants, while other children and young people are prevented from gaining the same sense of belonging and recognition. Thus, the group focus on the way science-practices and norms are produced across science cultures and spaces and how they support and hinder identities within science. Science Identities are a key analytical lens used to approach how children, young people and young adults with various backgrounds, find viable ways of being included in doing science and becoming a scientist.







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Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard Associate Professor +4535320386 E-mail
Katia Bill Nielsen Postdoc +4535326581 E-mail
Lars Ulriksen Professor +4535320338 E-mail
Lene Møller Madsen Associate Professor +4535320459 E-mail
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Associate Professor Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard, Chair,

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