Network Symposium 2013 – Københavns Universitet

Symposium on Network Science in Education Research

The symposium will be held on May 13th-14th 2013 in Copenhagen. With this symposium we invite network scientists and education researchers to discuss networks as they have been used in education research. Our idea of a symposium is somewhere between the formal and the informal gathering to exchange ideas.


Ideas about using network science in education research have popped up independently in various research environments during the last couple of years. Examples of networks in science education include social-like networks, conceptual networks, and networks of student/learner actions during teaching sequences.

To this end, science educational researchers borrow ideas from fields like sociology, physics, and linguistics. This leads to a diversity in theoretical ideas and interpretation of data and analyses. The research is scattered between different areas within science education: learning games, cognitive development, assessment, socio-cultural themes, textbook analysis, and many other.

The idea with this symposium is that participants discuss ideas and projects in a semi-structured and semi-free way. Hopefully, this will initiate contacts between researchers to enable constructive feedback on work in progress and joint research projects.

The two main goals of the symposium are

  • to establish a forum for discussing what could broadly be called "education networks" and
  • to discuss how researchers working with networks assign meaning to different network theoretical concepts.