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Program and activities 


As preparation all participants and organizers complete the Network Symposium Survey. We will use the answers to find out what our interests are and try out different ways of matching based on that. Also, we encourage you to upload "your favorite network". We will use this in the exhibition on Tuesday. 

Program Monday

9-12 Matching Expectations


Break into groups

Group discussion: Important questions

Plenary: Presentation of questions

Plenary discussion: Important questions

Plenary activity: Possible outcomes of the symposium

12-13:30 Lunch (Organizers: 13:00-13:30 Set up groups for later item)

13:30-18 Cross Pollination: Possibilities for future collaborations

Introduction to session

Group work: Brainstorm on how to for address questions/methodological issues

Pairs: Walk and talk

Plenary activity: Grouping the brainstorm

Individual: Pick and write

20-?? Dinner

Program Tuesday

9-12 Finding future initiatives

Introduction to session

Break into groups

Group work: Clustering of written work

Plenary: Present clusters

Group work: Align clusters with ideas for outcomes

Plenary: Present alignments

Networking session: Discuss future inititatives

12-13 Lunch

13:30-?? What does it all mean

An exhibition of the networks provided by the participants. The idea is to discuss what these networks can help us understand.


Possible dinner initiative among participants