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What we want to do

First and foremost, we expect all participants to engage in the group work, discussions, and social events at the symposium. We will aim for a playful and at the same time serious atmosphere throughout the event.

While we do not require specific readings beforehand, we do prefer participants with some knowledge of network science or networks in education.

We welcome written contributions from participants on research in networks in science education. With the authors’ permission we will place them on our website.

Finally, we would like a few short presentations for our first day. Focusing on some aspect of using networks in science education research, presentations should be short and facilitate further discussion.

During dinners, group work, and discussion, we hope that participants will benefit from each other in numerous ways. We will work on facilitating:

  • New research initiatives between different institutions
  • Paper proposals using existing data
  • Discussions about establishing networks in science education as a field of research