5. juli 2019

Undersøgelses baseret naturfagsundervisning og science writing heuristic

- Om fysikfaglig motivation og skriftlige kompetencer i det almene gymnasium

"Undersøgelses baseret naturfagsundervisning og science writing heuristic" - [1.3Mb]

IND's studenterserie nr. 82. Masterafhandling - Master i scienceundervisning.

Thomas Mellergaard Amby, 2019.

Vejleder: Jesper Bruun


In this document, we will address a preliminary inquiry regarding the usage of inquiry-based science education, IBSE, and science writing heuristic, SWH, to enhance the competencies of students in the Danish upper secondary education. In this inquiry, one science class at Viborg Katedralskole, hence 1.y, has been used as a test population. In 1.y the teaching has been conducted according to the scheme of IBSE as described by Dolin, Nielsen, Jacobsen, and Bruun (2014). Combined with the SWH scheme of work for writing assignments as described by Hand, Wallace, and Yang (2004); Keys, Hand, Prain, and Collins (1999); Krogh and Andersen (2016). The empirical data for this investigation has been collected through a questionnaire, as well as through a detailed study of sudents work from two groups in 1.y as well as 2 student works from another class which has been taught through the ordinary scheme of work. Finally a group discussion with the students of 1.y on the topic of motivation for writing assignments.

Based on the empirical data. There seems to be indications that working with practical investigations through IBSE combined with the SWH scheme of work, could improve the students set of skills regarding analytical as well as reflectiveness and ability of deduction. However, it has not been possible to clearly verify an increase or a decrease in the motivation for writing assignments among the students in 1.y.

When asked about their motivation students, respond that they prefer oral feedback. Because students feel they are more capable of interpreting the feedback given. The conclusion of this pilot project is that through the means of IBSE combined with SWH it is powerful in improving their skills when it comes to writing assignments. Based on the experiments that they develop. However, it is not possible to resolve anything regarding the students’ motivation. Finally, there are indicators that doing practical work does, in fact, improve the students understanding of topics in physic, which contradicts statements given by Hodson (2008), stating that practical work is most likely a waste of time.