17. juli 2021

Bingo-plader i kemiundervisningen – en metode til styrkelse af den faglige samtale?

Bingoplader i kemiundervisningen – en metode til styrkelse af den faglige samtale? [0.9 MB]

IND's studenterserie nr. 100. Masterafhandling - Master i scienceundervisning

Iben Vernegren Christensen, 2021.

Vejleder: Helle Mathiasen


This assignment describes a research on, whether bingo cards can help to strengthen students' use of professional language in connection with the experimental work in chemistry. A theoretical look at academic conversation and academic expression is given, primarily based on Luhmann's theories and Wellington & Osborne's publication on the scientific language of science. The empirical study is based on five video observations and a questionnaire and the observed students are from two of my own classes at the gymnasium, both of which have chemistry at level B. The video observations are analyzed on the basis of five hypotheses:

1. Students use the bingo card in their experimental work
2. Students use it during their experimental work
3. All students from the group use the bingo card
4. The bingo card leads to professional conversation
5. The bingo card is used as a bingo card.

The results showed that Hypothesis 1 was the only one that could be confirmed in all five video observations, while the others were confirmed to a lesser extent and in fewer video observations. It is argued that Hypothesis 2 was not necessarily a prerequisite, as good involvement of the bingo card was also observed when it was instead used immediately after the experimental work. Although not all hypotheses could be confirmed in all video observations, it was concluded that the bingo cards, based on these preliminary studies, has potential, but that it requires a greater habituation for students to (remember to) use them. In the questionnaire, the students were positive about the use of the bingo cards. At the end of the assignment, it is argued that the use of bingo cards is not limited to chemistry, but can be used in one form or another in all subjects where technical terms and professional language are important.