4. september 2017

Modeling and Measuring Teachers’ praxeologies for teaching Mathematics

 IND's studenterserie Nr. 57. Specialerapport. Matematik.

Sara Lehné, august 2017.

"Modeling and Measuring Teachers’ praxeologies for teaching Mathematics" - [5.72Mb]

Vejleder: Carl Winsløw


Teachers mathematical and didactical knowledge has over the last century become of greater interest to r esearch and institutions surrounding the educational system. Despite this interest in teachers’ knowledge a clear definition of what makes a good teacher are still to be given. This interest has resulted in the development of instruments for measuring teachers’ knowledge. In this thesis, I will present three of such instruments which are used today to measure praxeology’s for teaching mathematics along with the framework surrounding them. Afterward items from the instruments will be analysed using the Anthropological Theory of Didactics. This analysis will result in a comparison of the mathematical and didactical content in the three instruments along with an evaluation of whether the instruments corresponds to their theoretical frameworks.