29. marts 2016

Komparativ undersøgelse af deduktiv- og induktiv matematikundervisning

Kandidatspeciale. IND's studenterserie nr. 45. Matematik.

Rasmus Olsen Svensson, Marts 2016.

Komparativ undersøgelse af deduktiv- og induktiv matematikundervisning, (1,8Mb)

Vejledere:  Jan Alexis Nielsen, IND, og Mikkel Willum Johansen, IND.


There are many bodies, both in political and academic circles, who view inductive learning as something, which should be implemented in the teaching of mathematics in the country´s  upper secondary education, to a higher degree than is the case today. However, it seems that the desire for increased implementation, has encountered some difficulties regarding adaption. This is shown, among other things, by the low degree of implementation, and the number of teachers who are expressing frustrations, arguing the inductive methods are cumbersome and they do not produce the expected learning outcome on pupils.

It is based on that context that this thesis takes its source. We examine in what ways there are differences in the affective part of the learning environments, that respectively inductive and deductive teaching creates, and whether you can isolate a learning outcome of inductive teaching.

Our study had the character of an experiment, and was conducted in conjunction with the teaching of mathematics in two hhx classes. In the thesis, we have collected data of both quantitative and qualitative nature. Our analysis suggests that the affective part of the learning environments, which deductive and inductive teaching creates are significantly different. The pupils experience the learning environment created by inductive teaching as more motivational, creating a better framework for learning in a social context, as well as making it easier for pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and to approach academic challenges from their level of experience.

In the short term, we found that there was not significant difference between the learning outcome of inductive and deductive teaching. In the long run it turned out that learned arithmetic skills remained more in the students who were taught through inductive teaching.