15. september 2017

Situations for modelling Fermi Problems with multivariate functions

Specialerapport. IND's studenterserie Nr. 59. 

Niels Andreas Hvitved, august 2017. 

"Situations for modelling Fermi Problems with multivariate functions" - [3.35Mb]


This thesis in didactics of mathematics examine whether Fermi problems can be used as an introduction to mathematical modelling and functions of one or more variables in Danish high schools at C-level. To answer this question, a teaching sequence dealing with Fermi problems is developed and tested in a Danish 1st year high school class.

Using the theory of didactical situations, both an á priori analysis and an á posteriori analysis of the teaching sequence is conducted. Through this analysis, the didactical opportunities and challenges concerning Fermi problems as a tool for introducing mathematical modelling is investigated.