13. maj 2016

Pattern Analysis as Entrance to Algebraic Proof Situations at C-level

Specialerapport. IND's studenterserie nr. 48. Matematik.

Aske Henriksen, maj 2016.

"Pattern analysis as entrance to algebraic proof. Situations at C-level"

Vejleder: Carl Winsløw


Algebraic work often appears as isolated problems in High School mathematics, for which reason students find it difficult to comprehend the different meanings of algebraic symbols, as these appear as unknowns, variables and parameters. This affects the student's ability to use algebra as a language to explain a mathematical phenomenon. This master's thesis seeks to examine danish gymnasium student's opportunities of applying algebra in proving situations. Based on the Theory of Didactical Situations and an analysis of six selected didactical variables, a course of study was constructed and implemented in December 2015 in a first year STX class. The desired effect of the didactical variables was to make the students examine patterns in number tables in order for them to formulate a conjecture and use this as a catalyst in a proving situation. This was sought fulfilled through an a priori analysis of the exercises, which was handed to the students during the course of study.