Inquiry in Mathematics and Science: The interplay of didactical and epistemological perspectives


Course description:
The course is a five-day event involving lectures by internationally recognised scholars, intensive work groups, and presentation/feedback sessions based on the participating doctoral students’ own research.

Prior to the course itself, participants will be required to submit a 5-page synopsis of their own research, providing a preliminary analysis of how the course problematique applies to their case. Selected readings will be provided for this preparation. During the course, participants will continue to develop these ideas under the supervision of the course teachers and guest professors. After the course, the participants are required to submit a 10-page paper, selecting and using appropriate methodologies from the course and course readings in their own research.

Subject area:
Didactics and epistemology of mathematics and science-Scientific content:
Inquiry is a term often used to describe the research trajectories carried out by mathematics and science researchers in their endeavours to push the boundaries of human knowledge. The term has inspired numerous approaches to mathematics and science teaching and dissemination as well; approaches that in various ways strive to position the student as researcher. Some of these approaches have been shown to present simplistic models of scientific inquiry, causing other approaches to gradually emerge (e.g. the current focus on scientific practices). In summary, we observe that the relationship between the production of science and mathematics and the dissemination of science and mathematics is currently considered to be of great importance, but at the same time, it is certainly not trivial. This course will focus on the similarities, differences, and interplay between inquiry in research and inquiry in teaching.

Learning outcome

Accordingly, as a result of attending the course, participants will:

• Acquire a solid foundation in the recent advances in theoretical and empirical research on inquiry in science and math research and education,
• Develop the ability to recognise and validate problems within this domain, and
• Acquire an understanding of relevant research methodologies and techniques and their application within this domain.


Teachers from UCPH-SCIENCE:

Associate Professor Marianne Achiam,
Associate Professor Jan Alexis Nielsen,

Guest lecturers:

Professor Andrée Tiberghien.
Professor Marianna Bosch.