7 July 2020

Post Doc positions in Digitalization of Core Topic Teaching

Vacant position

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is seeking two postdoctoral researchers to investigate and support the integration of digital methods and tools into selected curricula’s core subject fields and methodology.

The positions are part of a University wide strategic initiative that aims at supporting digital transformation of disciplinary knowledge in the university’s educational programs. The strategic initiative includes three main tracks, aimed simultaneously at all departments across the university: i) digital literacy and basic digital competences, ii) digitalisation of the core curriculum, and iii) digital education and digitally supported didactics.

The two positions relate to track ii) (digitalisation of the core curriculum) with focus on facilitating and investigating curricular transformations and competence upgrades. They will provide research-based insights and contribute to the digitalisation of UCPH’s core subject teaching. This includes Data-science education, topic didactics, and digital transformation of the disciplines and associated digital methodology and tools.

The work will be tied to development and capacity building initiatives supporting the university staff's ability to integrate digital methods and tools in their teaching.

Read more and apply - Application due August 30 2020.