About the Department

The Department of Science Education (IND) focuses on the specific nature of challenges related to science teaching, learning and research. IND is positioned under the Faculty of SCIENCE at the University of Copenhagen, and is the largest science didactics unit in Denmark. The research field of IND is  science and mathematics education, university science education, digital education and history and philosophy of science. The department takes care of teaching these subjects at the study programs at SCIENCE.

High-level pedagogical and didactic development

IND contributes to pedagogical and didactic development throughout the Faculty of SCIENCE and at the University of Copenhagen as a whole. We train future secondary school science teachers and facilitators in subject-area didactics, science communication and science studies. IND collaborates with numerous entities spanning the educational sector, including the Danish Ministry of Education, to develop innovative and user-friendly science instruction and teacher education at all levels. IND also works with science museums and science centres to develop innovative informal learning environments.

Courses for teachers and students

IND offers a range of courses and programmes for university faculty. Students of any Faculty programme attend IND courses and complete project work in science didactics, science communication and science studies. There are roughly 15 PhD students at IND and the department also offers international PhD courses. Additionally, a range of activities for science lecturers helps them to engage in development projects and competence development.

IND was established on February 1 2007 as a continuation of the former Centre for Science Education (CND). Read more about the background and history of the Department.