Staff at Department of Science Education

Name Title Phone E-mail
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Adrienne Lorelei Traxler Associate Professor +4535337086 E-mail
Amalie Beate Albrechtsen Instructor +4535336866 E-mail
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535325223 E-mail
Anja Skaar Jacobsen Research Consultant   E-mail
Anne Louise Strange Vaarby Part-time Lecturer +4535323270 E-mail
Annie Grim Balsen Administrative Officer +4535325836 E-mail
Britta Eyrich Jessen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535320363 E-mail
Camilla Hellsten Østergaard PhD Student +4535331628 E-mail
Carl Winsløw Professor +4535320433 E-mail
Christian Benjamin Joas Associate Professor +4535334654 E-mail
Christina Larsen Department Secretary +4535320394 E-mail
Christine Holm Research Consultant +4535320537 E-mail
Claus Emmeche Associate Professor +4551329149 E-mail
Danielle Elizabeth Hagood Postdoc +4535334010 E-mail
Derya Diana Cosan PhD Fellow +4535325913 E-mail
Dorte Christiansen Elmeskov Research Consultant +4535320340 E-mail
Dorte Moeskær Larsen Teacher   E-mail
Emil Bøgh Løkkegaard Student +4535337429 E-mail
Emilia My Kjærsdam Telléus Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Emilie Gertz PhD Fellow +4535320279 E-mail
Ene Ernst Hoppe PhD Fellow +4535334284 E-mail
Federica Bocchi Postdoc +4535328807 E-mail
Frederik Voetmann Christiansen Associate Professor +4552119916 E-mail
Freja Kirstine Ganderup Student +4535329811 E-mail
Fridtjof Ronge Gjengset PhD Fellow +4535324010 E-mail
Grethe Beiskjær Christensen Enrolled PhD Student +4535331732 E-mail
Gry Ellegaard Thorsen Postdoc +4535328751 E-mail
Hanne Andersen Professor +4535334196 E-mail
Hans Michael Christensen Instructor   E-mail
Hans Peter Halvorson Professor +4535320261 E-mail
Helle Mathiasen Professor, Emerita +4526810152 E-mail
Hendra Yusup Agustian Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535334470 E-mail
Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard Associate Professor +4535320386 E-mail
Henrik Kragh Sørensen Professor +4535333963 E-mail
Jan Alexis Nielsen Head of Department +4535320361 E-mail
Jan Sølberg Associate Professor +4521697437 E-mail
Jan Tapdrup Part-time Lecturer +4535327114 E-mail
Jens Dolin Professor Emeritus +4535320420 E-mail
Jesper Bruun Associate Professor +4535320391 E-mail
Jesper Lundsfryd Rasmussen Postdoc +4535329146 E-mail
Joeri Witteveen Associate Professor +4535330467 E-mail
John Andersson Teacher   E-mail
Jonas Dreyøe Herfort PhD Student   E-mail
Jonas Niemann PhD Fellow +4535329201 E-mail
Josefine Lomholt Pallavicini Teaching Assistant Professor   E-mail
Karina Magnussøn Andresen Academic Officer   E-mail
Katia Bill Nielsen Postdoc +4535326581 E-mail
Katja Vinding Petersen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Katrine Ellemose Lindvig Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535320371 E-mail
Kristine Cecile Harper Professor   E-mail
Lara Kristina Sabatier PhD Fellow +4535329531 E-mail
Lars Klingenberg Special Consultant +4535331460 E-mail
Lars Ulriksen Professor +4535320338 E-mail
Laura Teinholt Finne PhD Student +4535334044 E-mail
Lea Bjerre Part-time Lecturer +4535328320 E-mail
Lene Møller Madsen Associate Professor +4535320459 E-mail
Liv Nøhr Research Assistant +4535336726 E-mail
Lotte Ebsen Sjøstedt Special Consultant +4535329195 E-mail
Lykke Brogaard Bertel Teacher   E-mail
Mads Fencker Instructor +4535325612 E-mail
Mads Pagh Nielsen Teacher   E-mail
Magdalena Kersting Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535323775 E-mail
Magnus Boye Communications Officer +4535323741 E-mail
Marcus Lee Naldal Teaching Assistant   E-mail
Maria Møller Teacher   E-mail
Marianne Achiam Associate Professor +4535320357 E-mail
Marianne Hald-Mortensen Teacher   E-mail
Marie Brøgger Jensen Student FU +4535328109 E-mail
Marie Larsen Ryberg Postdoc +4535332377 E-mail
Mark William Johnson Postdoc +4535337087 E-mail
Martin Patrick Speirs Teaching Assistant +4535325607 E-mail
Mayu Aoki PhD Student   E-mail
Mette Ebbesen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Mikkel Tvorup Moseholm Instructor   E-mail
Mikkel Willum Johansen Associate Professor +4535320381 E-mail
Milla Mandrup Fogt Student +4535334889 E-mail
Morten Jensen External Consultant   E-mail
Morten Misfeldt Professor +4535326380 E-mail
Morten Stummann PhD Fellow +4535328692 E-mail
Muhammad Aswin Rangkuti PhD Student +4535320394 E-mail
Nadja Nordmaj Programme Secretary +4535320388 E-mail
Nanna Kamp Frellsen Part-time Lecturer +4535329916 E-mail
Nathalie Horn Sørensen Teaching Assistant +4535336572 E-mail
Nina Holst Waaddegaard Research Assistant +4535332276 E-mail
Olga Trolle Consultant +4535320339 E-mail
Olivia Marie Spalletta Research Assistant   E-mail
Oriel Caro Miya Marshall External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Oskar Saltoft Andersen Instructor   E-mail
Petroula Karakosta Student Assistant +4535334220 E-mail
Pia Beck Tonnesen PhD Student   E-mail
Pieter Maria A Steyaert External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Raimundo José Elicer Coopman Postdoc +4535327876 E-mail
Rasmus Jaksland Postdoc +4535325134 E-mail
Ricardo Avelar Sotomaior Karam Associate Professor +4535337929 E-mail
Richard Anthony William Staley Professor +4535332546 E-mail
Rie Hjørnegaard Malm Postdoc +4535323391 E-mail
Robert Harry Evans Associate Professor +4535320341 E-mail
Robert Naylor Research Assistant +4535332398 E-mail
Rongrong Huo PhD Student   E-mail
Sabrina Vitting-Seerup Postdoc +4535324232 E-mail
Sara Green Associate Professor +4535334632 E-mail
Sebastian Horst Head of Administration +4535320362 E-mail
Sofie Buch Cordsen Student FU +4535331384 E-mail
Sofie Kobayashi Part-time Lecturer +4535328998 E-mail
Sofie Tidemand PhD Student +4535320632 E-mail
Steffen Elmose Teacher   E-mail
Thorbjørn Wejdling Research Assistant +4535332226 E-mail
Tue Bjerl Nielsen Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Yara Rishmawi Student +4535329832 E-mail