CERME seminar

Following a well-established tradition, the DidMat group organises a public sharing and discussion of presentations for an upcoming international conference, in this case CERME12 held Feb. 2-5 in virtual Bolzano. The speakers present in about 10 minutes, followed by questions and discussion (which may also address the quality of the presentation).

Preliminary schedule:

12.00-12.25: Mayu Aoki (IND): How to map larger parts of the mathematics curriculum? The case of primary school arithmetic in Japan

12.30-12.55: Pia Beck Tonnesen (IND): Diagnostic test tool based on a praxeological reference model to examine students’ technical and theoretical algebra knowledge

13.00-13.25: Yukiko Asami Johanson (Gävle U) and Koji Otaki (Hokkaido KU): A survey project on professional journals for mathematics teachers

13.30-13.55: Britta Jessen (IND): Characterising the roles of digital resources in mathematical modelling

13.55-14.00: buffer zone