Development work

The development work at the DSE is carried out by the Department's consultants and academic staff in close co-operation with teachers and administrative personnel at the faculty - and also from outside the faculty. The purpose is to deliver research based support to the quality development of the educations offered by the SCIENCE Faculty. See the list of project of the department for further information on current research and development projects:

The results of development projects are published in reports (mainly in Danish) and many of these are, moreover, available in edited versions through the series DidakTips as well as other publications.

Different kinds of development work at DSE

Internal development projects are primarily aimed at the SCIENCE Faculty of the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), and to some extent also at central UCPH level, e.g. university teaching courses. The projects may be focused on development of a specific course, an entire education or parts hereof, or constitute a framework and establish conditions for teaching, such as the educational environment, study patterns, etc.

External development projects include development and/or evaluation projects primarily directed towards high school level, as well as contributing to strategic work and action plans for the promotion of educations in the field of mathematics and science.

Finally, DSE contributes to the general development work at SCIENCE through the Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme, development of curricula, procedures of evaluation, as well as a number of other development projects and events.