Series and networks of problems: from historical documents to teachers’ practices


Katalin Gosztonyi, U. de Montpellier, France 


In my earlier works, I described a Hungarian approach to teaching mathematics by „Guided Discovery” as one of the various existing approaches to Inquiry Based Mathematics Education. Based on a historic-epistemological-didactical analysis of various resources linked to the approach, I suggested that one of its specificities is the structuration of teaching trajectories based on “series of problems”.

Since 2016, my research focused on teachers’ practices related to Guided Discovery and especially to series of problems. I led a mixed group of Hungarian researchers and expert teachers of Guided Discovery with a double objective: to analyse the expert teachers work with and on series of problems, and to develop resources and teacher education modules for non-expert teachers of the approach.

In my presentation, I will give an overview of the development of my research on series and networks of problems, including elements of my ongoing project in the frame of a Marie Curie Fellowship, on networks of problems in the domain of discrete mathematics.