9 December 2015

Professor Carl Winsløw, chairman of the European Baccalaureate 2016

On its ordinary meeting December 2-4, the Board of Governors of the European Schools approved to nominate professor Carl Winsløw (IND) as chairman of the examining board for the baccalaureate 2016 (“president du bac”). The chairmanship rotates among the members of the European Union and is assured by a university professor from the nominating country. The Chairman opens the examination session and ensures quality control of the organisation of the European Baccalaureate. After the exams, he sends the Secretary-General of the European Schools a detailed report on the European Baccalaureate session which s/he chaired. The 14 European schools are situated in seven countries and have around 25000 students; in addition to these, there are 10 associated European schools, which follow the regulations and curriculum of the European Schools. The European Schools are official educational establishments controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union. Their primary vocation is to provide education to staff of the institutions of the European Union, in the language of their country of origin. Read more about the European Schools.