31 July 2015

New EU project ‘Hypatia’ about gender and science education

The Department of Science Education is part of the Horizon 2020-funded project Hypatia to ensure principles of gender inclusivity are embedded in the activities of key science education organisations across Europe.

The project Hypatia will engage 13-18 year old girls and boys both in and out of the school environment. The focus will be on engaging these teenagers in STEM in a gender-inclusive way, and addressing the attitudes of STEM education professionals towards more gender-inclusive practices. In order to do this, Hypatia brings together science centres and museums, schools, research institutions and industry with gender experts and teenagers themselves. These groups of stakeholders will work together on a national and European level through hubs, co-developing the content and co-organising the activities.

A broad impact across Europe will be ensured, with 14 countries engaged directly, reaching the whole of Europe and further afield through Ecsite, Scientix and related networks. Sustainability will be ensured through the creation of national hubs, working together to make STEM communication gender-inclusive.

Hypatia commences August 2015 and runs to July 2018. In addition to the Department of Science Education, Danish project partners include Experimentarium (https://experimentarium.dk/). You are welcome to contact Marianne Achiam (achiam@ind.ku.dk) or Henriette Holmegaard (hh@ind.ku.dk) for more information about Hypatia.