9 August 2016

Assistant Professor Ebru Z. Mugaloglu is visiting DSE for one year

Ebru Z. Mugaloglu is an assistant professor of science education at Bogazici University, Istanbul. Her BS degree was in Chemistry Teaching and her MS was in Philosophy from Bogazici University. She received her PhD in Science Education from Marmara University in 2006. She was a visiting fellow at University of Reading in 2006 and at University of Bristol in 2010. Her research interests include nature of science, applications of philosophy of science in science education, and science teacher training with an emphasis on how to teach socio-scientific issues and scientific practices. Her recent journal articles related to nature of science are “The Problem of pseudoscience in science education and implications of constructivist pedagogy” (2014) and “Interactions of Economics of Science and Science Education: Investigating the Implications for Science Teaching and Learning” in Science & Education (with Sibel Erduran, 2012).