1 December 2020

Marie Larsen Ryberg Postdoc at DSE

December 1, Marie Larsen Ryberg is taking up a position as post-doctoral researcher in the SMART section, focusing on research integration in higher education.

​​In her postdoc, Marie will examine the experiences with research integration as they take form in a current educational development initiative in Copenhagen University.

Marie has a broad interest in processes of education, their politics, socio-material organisation and historical transformations. Trained in social anthropology, she has conducted ethnographic fieldwork on education in post-war Bosnia and Denmark on issues of political governance and societal transformation. Her PhD examined interdisciplinarity in Danish upper-secondary education and its reconfigurations from the introduction after WW2 informed by progressive pedagogic ideas to its current interconnections with ideals of innovation and techniques of performance governance. Marie has also worked on issues of governance in the IT sector and in elderly care in a Danish context. She is currently finalizing a joint book project on interdisciplinarity across the Danish educational system.

The SMART section welcomes Marie.