3 November 2020

Rongrong Huo new PhD student at DSE

Rongrong Huo graduated in June 2020 as Master of Science from Sochow University near Shanghai, majoring in mathematics, with qualification to teach secondary mathematics. Her PhD-project at IND is concerned with how high school teachers’ university education prepares them for the use of Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) in the teaching of functions and elementary calculus. A significant part of the project will consist in experimenting new ideas for this formal education, focusing on the so-called materialization potential of CAS.

Rongrong started November 1 and will stay at DSE for the full period of her PhD. She plans to pursue an international research career after that.
Rongrong will give an informal talk on “mathematics education in China”, open to everyone, on December 17 – see the list of events for announcement and link.