17 February 2021

New Associate Professor at Center of Digital Education

New employee at CDE

February 1 Daniel Spikol has taken up the position of Associate Professor of Computational Thinking at the Center of Digital Education (CDE)

Daniel Spikol
Daniel Spikol

Daniel's position is divided between the Departments of Computer Science and Science Education. His research investigates and develops tools for collaboration for learning and work. His focus is on exploring how people can use computational thinking to make sense of the digital and physical world. His work develops technologies that support learning, play, and reflection through computational tinkering and thinking. Previously, he worked for the Internet of Things and People research center at Malmö University, Linnaeus University, The Interactive Institute, and the LEGO Group. He will help build up CDE by supporting on-going projects in math and programming and other IND projects. While currently applying for new funding and finishing up a chapter and co-editing a book on Multimodal Learning Analytics for Springer.