18 April 2021

“Life in the time of Covid-19” is the focus of the QE Data Challenge co-organized by CDE staff

The International Society for Quantitative Ethnography (QESOC) is a professional organization that supports and promotes research that unifies qualitative and quantitative analysis of human thought, behaviour, and interaction.

The society hosts the annual QE Community Data Challenge. In the 2021 event, the theme is Life in the Time of Covid-19 and is co-organized by professor Morten Misfeldt and associate professor Daniel Spikol from the Center for Digital Education at the University of Copenhagen.

The QE community continues to be uniquely placed to help the world make sense of how society is reacting to this crisis and its effect on everyday life. Unfortunately, this pandemic continues to be a central concern in health care, politics, education, economics, and every aspect across the globe.

The QE community asks these questions in the data challenge:

  • How do we as researchers unpack these reactions?
  • How is society changing in these times? 
  • How are those responses different between places?
  • What long-term shifts do we see? What patterns?

The data challenge will take place over the course of one week in which members of the QE community will work in small teams to analyze pre-selected or newly created datasets related to education and COVID-19