25 May 2021

Science and diplomacy in Greenland-US relations

Greenland-USA Relations

28th May 2021 Kristine Harper, Department of Science Education, UCPH, is participating in a panel discussion organised by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).

In light of increased interest in the economic and military potential of Greenland from the former and current US Presidential administrations, and the strong potential for Greenlandic independence in the coming years, APECS Science & Diplomacy will host a robust roundtable event with international researchers on the role of science and scientists in US-Greenlandic relations.

The goal of the roundtable is to highlight how “science in diplomacy” and “diplomacy in science” operate in a specific and critical international relationship in the Arctic, taking into account the US relationship with Denmark, but focusing foremost on bilateral US-Greenlandic relations past and future.

Read more about the webinar.

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