11 August 2021

How are undergraduate study programmes in mathematics structured and how do they evolve?

University Mathematics Education

Professor Carl Winsløw, DSE, is co-author of the paper 'External Didactic Transposition in Undergraduate Mathematics', in which ATD is applied to a relatively new strand of research in university mathematics education, namely the investigation of how undergraduate and graduate study programmes in mathematics are structured and how they evolve.

Programmes and processes in five different countries (10 universities in total) are analysed. Concerning structure, some principal differences are found between European and North American programmes and procedures for their maintenance. The classical distinction between internal and external transposition remains relevant in university institutions but with some nuances, such as a noosphere almost entirely populated by teachers. This has interesting repercussions even for the study of internal transposition which has so far dominated didactical research in university mathematics.


Bosch, M., Hausberger, T., Hochmuth, R. et al. External Didactic Transposition in Undergraduate Mathematics. Int. J. Res. Undergrad. Math. Ed. 7, 140–162 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40753-020-00132-7