1 February 2022

What is lesson Study?

Didactics of Mathematics

In the research group of didactics of mathematics Carl Winsløw and Britta Eyrich Jessen have been experimenting with new formats for how to disseminate research to practitioners in collaboration with NCUM (the national center for development of mathematics education) and RossenFilm.

Lesson study

Carl and Britta have produced a small video presenting lesson study implemented at upper secondary level.

The video show how mathematics teachers from Midtsjællands Gymnasium collaborate and develop their teacher knowledge through lesson study. They have been engaged in lesson study trough the Erasmus+ funded TIME project.

The video is part of the NCUM presentation of lesson study to Danish mathematics teachers across educational levels: https://matematikdidaktik.dk/temaer/lektionsstudier. Note that English subtitles are available in settings.