Road to Trappistenum - Exploring Exoplanets

Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

Pieter Maria A Steyaert - Speaker

Sven Kiefer - Speaker

Oriel Caro Miya Marshall - Speaker

Jesper Bruun - Other

"You are a space traveller, exploring different solar systems and designing a new culture. As you approach your new home, the challenges of creating a better future begin to arise. Rethink yourself and change humanity. Share a glimpse into a possible future, only to reflect on your future’s past. Observe and be observed. Welcome to Trappistenum. We’re almost there!

This LARP is part of a research project on communicating astrophysics to the public. We will collect data through observations, to explore new ways of thinking and reflection. This interdisciplinary experience combines science with art through role-play, storytelling, and creative agency techniques. Join us for this exciting opportunity to be part of an interdisciplinary experience!"

This was a live action role play set up at BLOOM Festival.
26 May 202327 May 2023


TitleBloom Festival 2023
Abbreviated titleBloom festival 2023

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  • LARP, Art, Astrophysics

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