Christine Holm

Christine Holm

Research consultant

MSc. in mathematics and history

Since 2004
Consultant at Department of Science Education at University of Copenhagen (Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik -

1996 - 2004
Teaching in danish High Schools (upper secondary level) in mathematics and history. Development projects on mathematics and science teaching.

1994 - 1995
Teacher assistant at mathematics courses at Roskilde University (Linear Algebra - Open Education)

1996, Master of Science in mathematics and history, Roskilde University
Master thesis on the didactics of mathematics. Report: "Modelkompetencer - udvikling og afprøvning af et begrebsapparat" (Modelling Competecies - development and testing of af conceptual framework)with Nina Skov Hansen and Kristin Troels-Smith. Supervisor: Morten Blomhøj. The report is published in the text-serie "tekster fra IMFUFA", nr 321



Master of Science in matematics and history from Roskilde University, 1996. . Sc.

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