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Jesper Bruun

Jesper Bruun

Assistant professor

Member of:

  • Assessment, Teaching and Learning in Science Education

Understanding, knowledge and learning are terms which are linked. We use them to describe properties and changes in human beings, but wihtout elaboration they do not say anything about what a human being is capable of. What does it mean to understand science? What does it mean to have knowledge of physics? When can you say that you have learned Newton's laws? I try to go in depth with the three words and what they mean in the context of physics. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


Primary fields of research

Physics education research


Networks in educational research

Current research

Currently I am working on

  • the ASSIST-ME project, where I am involved in researching how different feedback formats can be implemented in inquiry-based teaching. See
  • Analyzing students' academic and social networks.    
  • Analyzing multiple choice test FCI (Force Concept Inventory) using network analysis.
  • Analyzing Swedish students' socio-scientific discussions using linguistic networks.
  • Analyzing students' use of web tasks with network analysis.    
  • Identifying student flow in courses at the faculty of SCIENCE, that is, the flow of students from course to course.
  • Designing and developing an understanding of kinesthetic exercises in physics.
  • Relating kinesthetic exercises to other ways of understanding the physics phenomena


I teach the science and physics didactics in the courses Basic Course in Science Didactics and Physics Didactics. Furthermore, I teach Introduction to University Pædagogy.

I supervise bachelor and thesis projects, often within the topics of either testing formats for the development of teaching, the use of digital technology in education, kinesthetic exercises and network analysis in science education research.

Fields of interest

Using networks in educational research

The interplay between cognitive and social learning processes in science

Modes/forms of representation

(The interplay between quantitative and qualitative measures for learning)

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