Katrine Ellemose Lindvig

Katrine Ellemose Lindvig

Assistant professor, tenure track

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I am an assistant professor at the Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen. My main field of research is the translation of policy in higher education, and how concepts such as interdisciplinarity, innovation and digitalisation translate and travel from research into the curriculum of higher education courses and programmes.

In 2017, I earned my PhD degree in University Science Education based on a thesis addressing the development of interdisciplinary study programmes in higher education. Before my PhD, as well as in my post.doc. positions afterwards, most of my research activities have concerned teaching and learning in higher education with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinarity. As a post.doc. I have studied the relations between policy and practice in education and research, in addition to development and use of digital methods in teaching in vocational education and training. 

I have a intedisciplinary background in  in Educational Studies and International Development Studies from Roskilde University. Prior to my work at UCPH, I have been part of research projects looking at interdisciplinary research and collaboration, hybrid qualifications in vocational education as well as the development of academic identity in new interdisciplinary university programmes.


  • University pedagogy
  • Interdisciplinarity in research and education
  • Postmodern theory
  • Qualitative methods
  • Problembased groupwork
  • Academic identity
  • Creativity in interdisciplinary research and education

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