Britta Eyrich Jessen
Britta Eyrich Jessen

Assistant professor

Member of:

  • Didactics of Mathematics

Apart from my research and teaching tasks I have been involved with a number of other projects: 

2017-2019 : Project member in MERIA (EU founded developmental project on the design of in-service teacher courses aiming at creating Mathematics Education Relevant, Interesting and Applicable. Held lectures and workshops for project partners at Utrecht University (Netherlands), June 2017).

2017: Project coordinator, ABaCus. A project in collaboration with the company Tibalo founded by Ministry of Education, foundation for developent of digital learning ressources, aiming at developing inquiry based digital learning ressources for lower secondary mathematics education.

2015-2017: Project coordinator in The MathBridge project. The project was aiming at developing in-service teacher courses, which eases the transition for students in mathematics from lower to upper secondary education. The project was founded by the A.P Møller foundation.

2015 Project coordinator of the status and evaluation report on upper secondary mathematics education in Denmark. The report was founded by the Ministry of Education.

2014: Assisting researcher in the transition report. A project founded by the Ministry of education investigating transition issues in the disciplines Danish, Mathematics and English from lower to upper secondary education in Denmark.

Primary fields of research

My research concerns the development of teaching practice in upper secondary education. My particular interest is didactics of mathematics as design research, didactical engineering, which means the design and realisation of teaching and qualitative analyses of the outcomes of the designs. The theoretical framework of my work is the Anthropological Theory of the Didactics (ATD). My main research interest is the development of the design tool called "Study and Research Paths" (SRP) and how students develop mathematical knowledge and comptences when engaging in SRPs, e.g. SRPs on mathematical modelling. Furthermore, ATD provides me with notions to study the constraints and conditions of upper secondary mathematics education. Occationally my work draws on elements from the Theory of Didactic Situations (TDS).

Parts of my work has adressed lower secondary mathematics education and the transition of lower to upper secondary mathematics. Most recently I study how to engage in-service teachers in the desing and realisation of SRP based teaching.  


Course responsible for "Matematics in change - get stated with the reform" (MiF). In- service course offered in collaboration with the association of upper secondary mathematics teachers.

University teaching:

Introduction to Science Education (DidG) - teaching the mathematicians

Course responsible for PhD course on mathematics and science education

Tutor at the Advanced course on Didactics of mathematics

Supervise Master theses

Supervise bachelor projekts

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