Sustainability In Out-of-School Science Education: Moving Towards The Future

INDsigt ONLINE by Henry James Evans, IND, KU

Henry James Evans

Recent literature has pointed to out-of-school science education as an important actor in moving towards a sustainable future. However, the educational efforts of out-of-school settings, such as museums, science centres, zoos and aquaria, often become challenged by the fuzziness and complexity of sustainability. This research attempts to operationalise sustainability in ways meaningful to the specific educational missions of these institutions. Denmark is a country often lauded for progress towards sustainability, providing a strong platform for researching education practice in out-of-school settings.

The project investigates three research questions. First, it will clarify the unique potentials that out-of-school settings offer sustainability education, by looking across sustainability science, policy and practice. Next, it investigates the scope and status of sustainability education across Denmark, via a quantitative desktop review, followed by qualitative interviews and observations. This research culminates in the development of guidelines for sustainability practice in out-of-school settings, with the aim of building agency and hope among the next generation, and creating a more empowered and motivated society - ready to deal with an uncertain and complex future.

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