”…and you are there!”  Put your students on the scene with scenario-based teaching

INDsigt FYSISK (ON SITE) by Kristine Cecile Harper, IND, KU

Kris HarperEver have your students view an important concept in your discipline as something that has always existed, as if it just fell out of the sky into someone’s lap? What if they had to start with some basic information available at the time and address the difficulties of developing this concept themselves? Alternatively, ever have your students learn a new concept and think they could apply it (“no problem!”) only to find out that they have no clue? What if you placed them in a situation where they must put that new concept to use while you feed them clues along the way?

 Welcome to the exciting possibilities of scenario-based teaching. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to see how it is possible to create a scenario that will enhance student learning in your classroom.

Regardless of your educational setting, scenario-based instruction can be a powerful method of reaching your audience.

FORMAT: This seminar is ON SITE, participant meets physically at Department of Science Education (IND), Niels Bohr Bygningen, Rådmandsgade 64, 2200 Kbh. N

INDsigt-seminars are public seminars on science education. They are usually in danish. Read more on the danish website: INDsigt - seminarrække . In order to plan the seminar and adjust the amount  og coffee we will appreciate your registration before 20 September 2023.