3 January 2018

Professor Carl Winsløw, DSE contributes to an international workshop on mathematics education for non-mathematic students

Didactics of Mathematics

University mathematics education for non-mathematics students is gaining international attention. Various practical studies have been conducted over the past two decades, and there have been a lot of research focusing on mathematics education for students studying engineering, economics, and so on in order to foster mathematical competence as citizens, businesspersons, or specialists in some field.

Professor Carl WinsløwProfessor Carl Winsløw from Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen presents an invited key-note lecture at ”International Workshop on Mathematical Education for non-mathematics students” in Tokyo on Jan. 7.

In Japan, it is imperative to establish a rational framework for mathematics education for non-STEM students in particular. Although there have been several studies on mathematics education design so far, more research efforts are required.

The international workshop addresses the following themes and topics:


  1. Mathematics Education for Science, Technology, and Engineering Students
  2. Mathematics Education for Non-STEM Students to Promote Quantitative Literacy


  • Designing successful learning contexts while studying linear algebra and calculus
  • Developing ICT tools fostering students’ understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Epistemological analysis of mathematical knowledge
  • Acquiring quantitative mathematical literacy at university level
  • Developing mathematics courses that foster the ability to utilize mathematics in real world situations

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